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Walmart Clearance

Check out this post from Xiao Deng in our Walmart Clearance Finders group! This is fantastic information for those looking to score clearance deals at Walmart.

Tip of the Day: How to Order Walmart Clearance from your Home (without driving to the store.)
Here are the steps to narrow your Walmart clearance shopping down to a science. When someone posts an item and SKU they found on Clearance, don’t drive to the store to look for it (yet)! It takes only a couple minutes, but you can buy it at clearance price online, with in-store pick up. If it’s available and on clearance at your local Walmart store.


1) Get the SKU of the item. (Someone will post it, or go to and search for the SKU by matching up the picture someone posts to products on
2) Check prices of this item at your local Walmart stores by going to
3) Put in the SKU and your Zip Code.
4) Take note of which store the Clearance Price has been listed.  Chances are it could be in-stock at another store near you.
5) If the item shows up with the clearance price, you’re in luck, go to step 7.
(6) If the item shows as not available in your area, or it shows the regular price instead of clearance price, that means the item is not in clearance in your area (yet), so you’re not in luck.
6)  Go to, and enter in the SKU in the search bar. The item should show up, if your local Walmart has the item Marked down.
7) Select “Store Pickup” option on the product page.
8) If the item says it’s available for pick up today, and the store available matches the ones with Clearance price you found on The Inventory Checker .
9) Re-verify the store price on On the top menu on, click on “My Local Store”. Enter the zip code of the store you found that has in stock in step 8, click on the link to that store.
10) Enter the SKU in the search bar again.
11) The clearance item should show up with the price in that store. Now you can order it online at at the full price, and select store pick up at the store that has the clearance price.
12) When you go to pick up your item, they will adjust the price down to the clearance price. The difference will go back onto your credit card.
13) (Bonus) When the adjust down the price, they don’t refund you the sales tax you paid at the full price. What you can do is do a return, and re-buy at the return counter. You will then only pay the clearance price plus the sales tax on the clearance price.
** Special thanks to Janiele, Regis, Tiffany, and Kimberly from our Walmart Clearance Finders group for the pictures!


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